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Beyer Plumbing Plan.

The Beyer Savings Plan is an annual plan that you may purchase to budget your plumbing maintenance needs.

San Antonio Plumbing Service Plan

Your Beyer Savings Plan will provide you with two (2) visits per year to ensure optimum performance of your system. With the Beyer Savings Plan you will never experience overtime rates for emergency calls and will always receive a 10% discount for any repair that may be needed. This savings alone could more than cover your investment in a Beyer Savings Plan.

Complete Spring & Fall Check Up

  • Clean F.V.I.R. Water Heater
    What does F.V.I.R Mean? Flammable Vapor Ignition Resistant.
  • Inspect for Leaks
    Check under cabinets to inspect water supply lines, stops and P-Traps
  • Flush Out Water Heater
    Water Heaters need to be flushed out every six months to prevent sediment build-up.
  • Check Hose Bibbs & Faucets
    Check inside and outside faucets for leaks and wear on packaging and make sure they turn on and off easily.
  • Inspect Water Heater
    Inspect vents and gas lines to make sure they are up to code and working properly.
  • Inspect All Toilets
    Check for Maximum Fow, Wear & Tear, Lime Build-up and Dye Test for leaks.
  • Check Domestic Water Pressure
    Water Pressure needs to be lower than 80 P.S.I. so all fixtures can work at maximum performance. Any P.S.I. readings higher than 80 may lead to leaks and water damage.
  • Inspect All Drains
    Check Kitchen, Lavatory, Tubs, Showers, and Sewer for Maximum Flow.
  • Inspect Water Softener
    Check for leaks and make adjustments to softener to save salt and energy.
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