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Carbon Monoxide And Your Garage: Some Things You Should Know

You should be concerned about carbon monoxide (CO) hazards, particularly if your home’s design includes an attached garage. Studies have now shown that homes with attached garages pose a higher risk for carbon monoxide, as the noxious gas penetrates through leaks in the shared wall and moves into the home due to a pressure difference.

To prevent carbon monoxide hazards, homeowners can:

  • Seal the garage wall – If the wall between the garage and home has even a few cracks, fumes from the garage can infiltrate the home. If the wall is already finished, hire a professional to detect and seal air leaks, as cracks in a finished wall are difficult to find. If the garage is not yet finished, it’s likely leaking a lot of CO into the home. Make a plan to finish the wall as soon as possible.
  • Install a fan – With cooler winter temperatures, concerns about carbon monoxide rise, because the cooler outside air moves into the home through cracks in the structure, drawn to the lower pressure that exists inside the home. The pressure is lower because most homeowners run exhaust fans in bathrooms, and kitchens and have vented appliances that combust. To level out the pressure difference, install an exhaust fan in the garage that runs on a timer, so that CO is exhausted from the space whenever you pull into or out of the garage.
  • Use a carbon monoxide detector – Since an attached garage poses an inherent CO risk to home occupants, it’s essential to install a CO detector on the first floor, somewhat close to the door to the garage.
  • Change your habits – One of the best things you can to do avoid CO hazards is to avoid running the car in the garage and leaving the door open once you back out to ventilate the space.

With the right systems in place, especially a carbon monoxide detector to alert you to early signs of problems, you can ensure optimal home safety. For more expert advice, contact Beyer Boys today. We’ve served San Antonio and South Texas since 1990.

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