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Dehumidification Can be Necessary in San Antonio’s Humid Summer

High summer heat can be uncomfortable enough. But high humidity makes summertime heat almost unbearable. Your hair frizzes, you slow down, and you might even feel like you can’t get enough air. Well, your home could also be suffering from the effects of high humidity. The air could feel clammy and smelly musty. Worse yet, your home could be developing mold and mildew problems in areas you don’t often inspect. Your air conditioner removes moisture in the process of cooling your home. But sometimes air conditioning alone can’t do the job. You might need a dehumidifier, as well.

How a dehumidifier works

A dehumidifier is a fairly simple piece of equipment that draws air from your home over cooled coils, where it condenses. The moisture drips into a drain receptacle. Then the drier air is recirculated in your home. Most dehumidifiers come with a humidistat, which allows you to control your exact level of humidity.


Lower humidity makes your home feel more comfortable. With lower humidity, the air no longer feels clammy or smells musty. Mold-related respiratory problems are eliminated. Your floors and furniture won’t feel sticky, either. Many homeowners are even able to turn up their thermostats a degree or two and therefore lower their energy bills. Just as important, harmful mold and mildew don’t have the opportunity to take hold.

Types of dehumidifiers

Some homeowners rely on room dehumidifiers. While these can be relatively inexpensive, they have their drawbacks. They can handle only a limited area, and maintenance can involve frequently emptying the water receptacle.

A whole-house dehumidifier is the option many homeowners prefer. A whole-home unit is connected to your HVAC system and takes care of the humidity problem in every area of your home. You don’t need to worry about mildew developing in one room while your portable dehumidifier is running in another room. In addition, most whole-house systems require minimal maintenance.

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