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Exploring Electrostatic Air Filters: How They Work, What They Do for Your IAQ

Exploring Electrostatic Air Filters: How They Work, What They Do for Your IAQAn electrostatic air filter looks much like a traditional fiberglass filter in shape, but functions very differently. The most obvious difference to the naked eye is its aluminum framing, as opposed to the cardboard generally used in fiberglass filters. Like traditional air filters, they are manufactured in many shapes and sizes to accommodate different types of ventilation systems and cold air returns. The filtration media also appear to be similar, but the visual similarities end here.

How They Work

Electrostatic air filters are composed of several layers of woven polyurethane and polypropylene fibers, covered on both sides by aluminum grates in a chain-link pattern that give the unit form and stability.

The special layers of polyurethane and polypropylene fibers are constructed such that they generate significant electrical charges when air passes over them. As airborne particles pass through the first layer of positively charged material, they take on that positive charge and then are attracted to the surface of the next layer, which is negatively charged.

With several layers of alternately charged surfaces, almost all particles become trapped against one of the surfaces of the filter. This means that fungi, mold, dust and just about any other kind of airborne particle will be sucked in like a magnet to the filter, and remain there until the filter is cleaned.

Why Buy One?

With such an efficient filtration system in place, the Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) in your home is sure to be much healthier. Although they cost more than a traditional air filter, electrostatic air filters can be a huge savings for homeowners in the long run. Because they’re built to be re-usable, they don’t need replacement like fiberglass filters – they can simply be vacuumed or sprayed with water to release trapped material.

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