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Energy Star-Qualified HVAC Equipment Offers High Value

The cost of HVAC equipment doesn’t end after it’s installed — the energy it takes to run cooling and heating equipment over its lifetime usually costs more than the equipment itself. That’s why it’s important to choose energy-efficient equipment, which produces the same (or better) comfort with less waste. Energy Star products have been identified by the federal government as those that reduce energy use without sacrificing performance.

The Energy Star program was created in 1992 in for two reasons, according to the federal government:

  • To help the environment by encouraging the production and purchase of equipment that would reduce greenhouse gas emissions caused by energy waste
  • To help consumers identify products that met high quality standards as well as efficiency standards

Computers and monitors were the first products to bear the labels. But the program has expanded to include dozens of categories of residential and office equipment — including new air conditioners, heat pumps, furnaces, ventilating equipment and other HVAC equipment.

The Energy Star label is easily recognizable — it’s a white star on a blue background and should be easily visible to shoppers.

Another helpful label for homeowners in search of energy-efficient HVAC equipment: the larger, yellow EnergyGuide label. While the Energy Star label assures homeowners that a product has met government efficiency criteria, the EnergyGuide label fills in the details.

The labels aren’t interchangeable: A product bearing an EnergyGuide label does not necessarily meet Energy Star standards. And the information on the label varies according to the type of equipment. But, often, the yellow label includes an estimate of how much energy the equipment will consume in a year — and what you can expect to pay for that energy based on average electricity costs in the U.S. The label also tells you how that stacks up against other models with similar features. And that’s all useful information for homeowners seeking to boost their HVAC systems’ energy efficiency — and cut their bills over the long term.

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