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Fearing Another Cooling Season That’s Way Too Hot? Evaluate Your Return-Air Ducts For Improved Efficiency

The ductwork in your home cooling system provides a two-directional pathway for air to flow into and out of your forced-air heat pump or air conditioner. The supply ductwork carries the conditioned air that enters your living spaces and cools the interior of your home. The return ductwork carries warm air back to your cooling system where it is filtered, cooled and sent back into your home again.

Return ducts play an essential role in your home comfort during cooling season and because of that their efficiency should be kept at the highest level possible. Return ducts must be properly sealed, well insulated and free from obstructions that could block airflow.

Central return duct systems are a common and economical choice for most homeowners. These systems consist of a duct network that connects to your HVAC unit and large grilles placed in central areas of your house where large amounts of air can be captured. These central areas include major hallways, large open areas, walls or stairwells. Jumper ducts or transfer grilles are frequently used to create a connection between each room and the central return duct.

The efficiency of your return duct system can be improved by:

  • Installing a central return register on every floor of a two-story or larger home. With more central returns in operation, there will be plenty of air brought back to your HVAC system from locations throughout your home.
  • Installing jumper ducts or transfer grilles in every room that receives cooled air, and in each room with a door.
  • Installing a return duct in rooms (with doors) that need more than one supply duct. If you have additional supply ducts, more air is dispersed into the room, improving cooling and overall indoor comfort. That additional air more effectively brought back to your cooling system via additional return ducts.

Contact us today for more information on how return air ducts affect HVAC efficiency and how to keep air return ducts working effectively throughout cooling season. Beyer Boys has been serving residential and commercial HVAC and plumbing customers in the San Antonio area for more than 20 years.


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