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Forget Furnace Your Maintenance Checkup? Do It Before You’re Left Out in the Cold

The old axiom, “Don’t expect what you don’t inspect,” is nowhere more appropriate than in the area of furnace maintenance. The better you take care of the furnace in your San Antonio-area home the better it’ll take care of you. This includes general homeowner maintenance such as regularly checking and changing your system’s air filters and, just as importantly, scheduling regular annual furnace maintenance to keep your equipment running as efficiently, safely and economically as possible.

The best time to have your annual furnace checkup is in the fall, before heating season hits our area, but if you forgot to have it done earlier this year it’s still not too late. Skipping your system’s annual furnace maintenance servicing may seem okay under the old idea that “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it,” but the small expense of having a professional come in and give your equipment the once-over is good insurance. This could prevent a small problem he might catch from developing into a large problem that could not only be expensive to fix but leave you out in the cold if a breakdown happens to occur at the height of winter heating season.

An example could be a bearing that’s worn and starting to go bad. Replacing a worn bearing before it goes totally bad is a lot easier and cheaper than replacing a whole motor that seized up due to the failure of one small bearing.

An annual furnace maintenance servicing from a reliable provider should provide the following:

  • Protection for your family’s health & safety by checking for any fuel leaks or dangerous CO2 emissions
  • Saving money by catching potential problems early on before they become big, expensive ones
  • Ensuring optimum efficiency in your equipment, adding to energy savings and a longer life expectancy
  • Making sure the system is clean, ensuring your breathing air is properly filtered and healthy

Since 1990, family-owned and operated Beyer Boys has been helping the folks in the San Antonio area save money and maintain their home heating/cooling systems in top order. Contact us for furnace maintenance advice or to schedule service.

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