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Do a System Check on Your Generator Before the Storms Come

Do a System Check on Your Generator Before the Storms ComeBeing prepared is always a good idea, and before the southern Texas storm season comes along, it’s worthwhile to do a system check on your generator. There are some simple steps you can take to ensure you don’t get caught in the dark when that first storm hits.

General Readiness

The generator should be serviced twice annually, and that servicing is described below. When you do these maintenance checks, record them in a log book so you can refer back to it. During the off-season when generator use is unlikely, make sure the unit is stored in a dry area and covered for protection.

Regular Service Checks

If some tasks on this checklist are a little beyond you, don’t hesitate to contact a trained technician.

  • Eyeball the generator for obvious problems like loose wires, corrosion, missing buttons, etc.
  • Anything that’s frayed should be replaced; anything loose or stuck should be freed up
  • Check the battery for water level and voltage. If the battery is older than three years, you might want to replace it.
  • On one of the two annual checks, change the oil and the filters according to the manufacturer’s guidelines.
  • The spark plugs should probably be replaced every year since they’re very inexpensive, but at least have them cleaned every year.
  • Check all the bolts for tightness; after usage each year, the normal vibrations of the unit tend to shake some things loose. While you’re at it, check the gasket head and piston for cracks.
  • During your annual system check on your generator, bleed out whatever gas remains in the unit and replace it with fresh gas for best performance.
  • Fire up the machine on your two annual maintenance checks, to see that it’s performing properly.
  • These items should be calibrated for maximum efficiency: fuel pump, turbocharger, injectors, and the voltage regulator.

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