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Has Your Furnace Under-Performed This Winter?

This past winter has included some very harsh weather across the country, and San Antonio wasn’t immune. With January temperatures dipping into the 20s, perhaps you’ve noticed that your gas furnace hasn’t been functioning quite as well as expected. Sometimes the reasons are simple; sometimes it’s a sign that it’s time for a replacement.

Here are a few simple checks to make sure the issue isn’t a simple one:

  • Make sure your thermostat is set to heat and at an appropriate temperature. You may need to change the setting a few degrees.
  • Check to make sure the circuit breaker or fuse is still functional and the pilot light is lit.
  • Ensure that there is not an issue with the hot surface ignition or intermittent pilot.
  • Change the filter, if necessary.

If none of these checks has solved the problem, then it might be best to call a professional to examine your system. It might be a matter of dirty or leaking ductwork. There may also be issues with your home’s insulation that have gone largely unnoticed.

If you have an older unit, then you may also consider replacing your furnace completely. Units built even a few decades ago are not as efficient as they should be. Purchasing a new unit is a bit more complicated than purchasing a piece of furniture or appliance. There are numerous considerations to make when shopping, as every home has different needs.

But what should you look for? Before settling on any particular unit, it is best to compile a list of questions for your contractor. He or she will focus upon avoiding the flaws in your current unit and be able to explain the type of unit you require. In the event the issue was with a portion of your heating system besides the furnace, they will be able to find a solution that gets the most out of the unit you have.

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