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Spring’s Almost Here! Make Sure to Perform These Home Maintenence Procedures

Spring's Almost Here! Make Sure to Perform These Home Maintenence ProceduresIt’s difficult to take care of regular maintenance chores around the home during the winter months, so many necessary tasks get put on hold until the spring. When the weather starts warming up, make sure the following home maintenance procedures are included on your to-do list.

  • Have the roof and gutters inspected. Cold and windy winter weather can result in broken or missing shingles or roofing tiles that leave your home susceptible to water damage once springs rains arrive. Disconnected or clogged-up gutters can’t effectively direct rain water away from your home either. You should have both of these key areas checked and get any trouble spots repaired before costly damage occurs.
  • Schedule an energy audit. During an audit, an experienced pro will use various assessment methods and procedures, such as a blower door test to identify efficiency issues that impact your comfort and energy costs. After the audit, you’ll know what steps to take to improve energy efficiency, such as adding more insulation and sealing air leaks.
  • Book an HVAC system tuneup. Schedule an HVAC inspection, cleaning and tune-up with a NATE-certified technician in the spring to ensure that your cooling equipment operates at maximum efficiency. When the equipment is well-maintained, you’ll be more comfortable once the heat of summer settles in.
  • Be proactive about plumbing problems. Have a plumbing professional correct any slow drains and leaky water pipes before they escalate into serious issues can cause expensive damage. Take care of any dripping shower heads and faucets, as well, to halt costly hot water waste. To reduce your water consumption, consider having low-flow fixtures installed.
  • Get the water heater serviced. Ask your plumber to flush the water heater tank to remove sediment that inhibits heat transfer and decreases energy efficiency. Flushing it out routinely can also help prevent extreme sediment buildup, which can burn up elements in electric water heaters and ruin the tank on a gas-fired model.

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