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Maximize the Settings on Your Programmable Thermostat, and Save All Summer Long

Save on your energy bill all summer by maximizing the settings on your programmable thermostat. Using your thermostat the right way will help you save energy and therefore contribute to a greener home and environment. Here are some tips for putting your programmable thermostat to best use:

  • Energy-saving set points: Avoid keeping your thermostat on comfort settings during the day when everyone is at work and at nighttime. Instead, switch the thermostat to its energy-saving status when you’re sleeping or away from home.
  • Hold features: Learn how to use your thermostat’s hold features. Thermostats generally have two hold features, including one for vacations. Refrain from using the away setting unless you are planning to be gone for an extended period. Do not use it to manage your home on a daily basis. Set the thermostat a few degrees warmer when you’re on vacation to avoid wasting money. After all, there’s no reason to leave the thermostat on the comfort setting when you aren’t home.
  • Pre-programmed settings: Because programmable thermostats let you manage your home’s temperature without disrupting the unit’s pre-set programming, there is never any need to override this setting. To do so will result in a higher energy bill.
  • Zoning feature: Does your home use a zoning feature for heating and cooling? If it does, you’ll need a programmed setback thermostat for each area or zone in your house. Rather than using one thermostat to control the temperature in the entire house, you’ll be able to adjust settings in each area as desired. This will save you money, as you won’t be cooling spare bedrooms and other rooms used infrequently during the summer.
  • Cooling set times Adjusting your thermostat to an extreme temperature to cool your home fast will not have the desired effect. Thermostats cool or heat the home at set times, and only smart programmable thermostats units with adaptive recovery features will continually calculate how long it takes to cool or heat your home. This means the thermostat can track the seasons without sacrificing money or home comfort.

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