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Two Ways to Stop Costly Air Leaks in Your San Antonio-Area Home

Two Ways to Stop Costly Air Leaks in Your San Antonio-Area HomeWould you like to cut your heating and cooling costs, increase your comfort level, and create a healthier indoor environment? You may want to start by addressing any air leaks in your San Antonio-Area home. Two very simple air-sealing techniques are caulking and weatherstripping. Caulk is typically used for sealing around cracks and window frames, and weatherstripping is to seal objects that move, like your operable doors and windows.

What Is Air Leakage?

Air leakage happens when air enters your home and air-conditioned or heated air exits through cracks and openings in your home and foundation. If the cracks and openings are there, this unwanted air flow is uncontrollable. During windy and cold weather, too much air may enter the house, and during the warmer months, not enough air may enter, resulting in poor indoor air quality. Air leaks can also affect moisture levels, which can be bad for the house’s foundation and your health.

We recommend you reduce air leakage as much as possible and provide the proper ventilation. Before air sealing, you must:

  • Find air leaks
  • To improve indoor air quality, assess your ventilation needs.

Now What?

You can now use caulk and weatherstripping as air sealing techniques to cut back on unwanted air leakage. You may also want to consider a home energy audit to identify all the ways your home wastes money and energy. Make sure you keep in mind that proper insulation is also of utmost importance as you begin investing in a more energy-efficient home.

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