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Tight Ducts Deliver: Why You Need to Have Yours Checked Periodically

Your home will be more comfortable and energy efficient this winter if you have tight ducts delivering the heated air from your furnace. Ductwork that is properly sealed and insulated will deliver hot air to the rooms where it is needed without losing a significant amount of it before it reaches its destination.

You can perform a visual inspection of the easily accessible portions of your ductwork and make simple repairs yourself, but it is advisable to hire a professional heating contractor to take care of more difficult or technical parts of the project. Here are some things to consider as you and your contractor inspect and repair your ductwork:

  • Well-sealed vents. Heat registers and return air vents should be securely fastened to the duct openings. Loose connections can result in loss of heated air behind walls and flooring and entry of unconditioned air into the supply ducts. Be sure air does not leak around the filter slot. All of the air in the system should flow through the filter.
  • Tight seams and connections. Seams between duct sections and connections at duct junctions should be fastened with sheet-metal screws and sealed with mastic to ensure that you have tight ducts. Structural shifting, poor initial construction and use of “duct tape” can all lead to deteriorating seams and joints over the years, so periodic inspections and repairs will pay for themselves in energy savings.
  • Adequate insulation. Ducts should be insulated anywhere they run through unconditioned spaces such as your attic. Make sure external insulation has not been rendered ineffective by moisture and that any internal insulation has not cracked or come loose inside the ducts where it loses effectiveness and blocks airflow.
  • Flexible ducts in good condition. Be sure flexible ducts are not crushed by nearby structural members or kinked where they make bends. Flexible ducts that cannot be straightened out to eliminate blockages may have to be replaced.

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