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Your Water Heater Needs Regular Flushing to Work the Way It Should

Flushing the tank is an important part of professional water heater upkeep handled by your HVAC technician during preventive maintenance visits. You can also drain the system yourself between service calls. Flushing sediment periodically improves efficiency and extends the life of your water heater.

We suggest leaving more advanced maintenance to the pros because of the risk of injury or property damage. If you haven’t had the storage water heater in your San Antonio area home inspected in recent memory, we suggest leaving all tasks to a pro.

Testing the temperature-pressure-release valve:

  • Cut the power, and turn off the incoming cold-water supply valve.
  • Put a bucket beneath the TPR valve in case it opens. It’s on top of or beside the tank.
  • Open the valve slightly, allowing a small amount of water out at first, then release your hold. (If no water comes out, the valve is malfunctioning. Contact an expert to inspect the safety valve and troubleshoot related issues.)
  • If water keeps flowing after you’ve let go, drain some of the water. Then unscrew the old valve, and replace with a new one.

Flushing the tank:

  • If you haven’t already, cut the power, and turn off the water supply.
  • Relieve internal pressure in the pipes by turning on a hot-water tap elsewhere in the house. Allow that faucet to continue running until you’ve finished flushing the system.
  • Connect a hose to the drain valve.
  • Place a bucket below the valve to catch any overflow. Keep more containers nearby in case you need them.
  • Open the valve, allowing water to flow out until it runs clear–with no visible particles or sediment.
  • Stir any remaining sediment at the bottom of the tank by quickly opening/closing the valve. Drain and repeat until you’re getting clear water.

When it’s time to replace your hot-water heater, investigate water heating options and alternatives, like a tankless model.

If your hot water heater needs attention, contact the experts at Beyer Boys. We serve homeowners in the San Antonio area.

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