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Beyer Boys use soft sell to succeed in a tough business

When asked by a reporter for the San Antonio Business Journal several years ago why their company is called Beyer Boys, Pat Beyer stated, “We've been that since the time we were in little league. So we figured, let's put that name out there." Since 1990 Perry Jr., Pat and Jeff have succeeded in two family-run businesses: Beyer Mechanical and Beyer Plumbing. The emphasis of the company is relationships, to be treated like family and “bending over backwards” to offer excellent customer service. Those are the values the Beyers were raised with: trust, integrity and relationships.

Perry, Pat and Jeff have had years of experience in the industry prior to founding Beyer Boys. Perry was in the plumbing business and Jeff was doing mechanical contracting, which includes installing and servicing air conditioning and heating systems. Pat had worked on both sides.

To transition with the changing times, the brothers changed with the industry, staying on top of such issues were air quality and quicker response times. They keep up with the technology and their technicians are certified and highly trained in new innovations in the industry. They guarantee their work and always make sure the customer is satisfied.

Beyer Boys has been certified the finest in HVAC/R by
NATE - North American Technician Excellence.


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Core Values

Beyer Boys is one of San Antonio’s largest residential and commercial HVAC and plumbing companies. As a family-owned business, we view our clients as an extension of our family, which means we provide only the best care and service for all your HVAC and plumbing needs. Beyer Boys holds true to our core values:

Beyer Boys Core Values Honor God
Honor God

We live out our faith.

Beyer Boys Core Values IntegrityIntegrity

We do what we say.

Beyer Boys Core Values RelationshipsRelationships

We care about people.

Beyer Boys Core Values Team WorkTeamwork

We work together.

Beyer Boys Core Values RespectRespect

We value others.


We tell the truth.

And each one of our values has shaped Beyer Boys into a company that upholds a reputation worth cherishing. We take pride in the quality of our service and will continue to always remain transparent with our customers.

Thank you for your business.

Community Involvement

Construct A Kid’s Christmas 501(c) 3

As part of our duty to always give back to the community, the Beyer Boys have been able to support Construct A Kid’s Christmas, a local non-profit organization, for the past few years. This organization ensures that children in the care of Bexar County Child Protective Services receive a gift at Christmas. It truly is an honor to work with such an incredible non-profit, such as C.A.K.C, and to support children in need.

Beyer Boys Construct A Kid's Christmas
Community Involvement Beyer Boys - Construct A Kid's Christmas

Ten-year-old Mark arrived early to Sunday School crying and told his teacher that he has secret but was not allowed to tell it or his mother would die. When the teacher assured him all would be safe, he confessed that his mother's boyfriend was sexually assaulting him multiple times per week. When he threatened to tell, the boyfriend said he would kill Mark's mother, so Mark endured the pain silently for years. Unfortunately, Mark's 13-year old sister Maria was also a victim of the abuse with the same threat. When Marias had found the courage to tell her mother about the abuse, the mother told her to keep quiet because they needed the boyfriend to pay the bills. CPS quickly removed both children from the unsafe environment, and just in time! The mother and the boyfriend had planned to sell the children into human trafficking, as the boyfriend had already recruited other teens and sold them for money. Thankfully, both children are living safely with their aunt who plans to adopt them."

We attended the 18th Annual Construct A Kid’s Christmas’ Gala, their annual fundraising event, participating in their lively auction for one-of-a-kind and hand painted construction hats. These wonderful pieces of art were painted by children who have endured horrendous circumstances, who are all supported through C.A.K.C. This non-profit organization serves as a much-needed light in the community and we are glad that we can help them give back.

"CPS investigators found six-year-old Dorothy chained up in the backyard along with her three younger siblings. They were soaked with rain and urine, malnourished, dehydrated, covered with mosquito and ant bites. They had been left outside for over 3 weeks with minimal food, hadn't been bathed, and their hair was so matted it had to be shaved. The mother had left town weeks prior, abandoning them with acquaintances. When questions, the adults failed to see the problem and stated since it wasn't their kids it wasn't their problem. Once, rescued, Dorothy was able to receive counseling and therapy, and eventually returned to school. Thankfully, the adults were sentenced to prison and all four children were adopted into loving homes."

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