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A/C Repairs You Might Need Before the Cooling Season

A/C Repairs You Might Need Before the Cooling Season

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Another hot, humid south-central Texas summer is just around the corner. At the peak of the season, you don’t want to face the inconvenience and discomfort of unexpected A/C repairs. Before the weather heats up, it’s good to know if it’s time to replace aging equipment, or there are problems that need attention.

Having the cooling system checked now can help you avoid common repair scenarios like these:

Refrigerant Leaks

An A/C that’s leaking refrigerant won’t cool the air sufficiently and will cost more to operate. If a check of your system’s refrigerant level points to a possible leak, your technician can investigate further to pinpoint the source, which may be in the lines, evaporator or condenser coil.

Clogged Condensate Lines

When an A/C’s condensate drain gets clogged with dirt, mildew or algae growth, water that normally drains away harmlessly can back up and overflow the drain pan. If it’s not noticed right away, the overflow can damage adjacent walls, trim, carpeting or ceilings. Flushing out the condensate drain can prevent such damage, and it’s one of the tasks performed during routine maintenance.

Broken Fan Belt

A running fan is essential to cool down the outdoor condenser coil and aid the heat transfer process. If the belt breaks and the fan stops working, the motor and compressor can overheat. You might end up with a burned-out fan motor, or a damaged compressor. A pre-season check of the fan belt’s condition and replacing it if necessary can prevent these potential headaches.

Electrical Malfunctions

Your HVAC system contains an array of electrical components including wiring, integrated circuits, relays, contactors and capacitors. If a component fails unexpectedly, you can be left without any cooling and facing costly repairs, or at risk of an electrical fire. It’s easy to prevent electrical issues by having your HVAC pro inspect the various components for signs of wear and damage and advise you about needed repairs or replacements.

To schedule a maintenance appointment to prepare your San Antonio home’s cooling system for the season and learn if any A/C repairs are needed, contact us at Beyer Boys.