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How Air Fresheners Affect Your IAQ

How Air Fresheners Affect Your IAQWatch any TV and you’ll see advertisers show air freshener effects as entirely beneficial with pleasing scents suggesting clean air wafting through the home. In reality, the air is very different, especially with prolonged use of air fresheners. Nearly all of these products pose serious health hazards because of the chemicals they contain.

Aerosol, wick, and solid air fresheners are likely to contain any number of products called volatile organic compounds (VOCs). They’re known respiratory and neurological irritants and carcinogens. A university research study conducted a few years ago on 25 different air fresheners and household cleaners with artificial scents inside them contained a total of 133 different VOCs. They found that the average number of VOCs each product emitted was 17.

Combine those with all the other VOCs that may be in your home’s air from cleaning products, new building materials, an attached garage, dry cleaning, scented candles and various plastics, you may have unhealthy or compromised air quality inside.

Improving Air Quality

It’s established knowledge that air freshener effects degrade indoor air quality (IAQ) rather than improve it. The healthier approach is to increase fresh air ventilation or eliminate the source of the bad odors in your home altogether. An energy recovery ventilator (ERV) is the only way to provide fresh air inside your home year-round without increasing its air temperature or humidity.

ERVs are balanced ventilation fans that pull out as much indoor air as they bring inside. As the air coming in passes through the ERV, its core strips the excess humidity from it. As it exits, the core removes the thermal energy from it and puts it into the incoming air, which brings it to room temperature.

Consider switching to fragrance diffusers that use pure essential oils if an ERV isn’t in the budget. If you prefer candles, use those made from soy or beeswax and natural perfumes.

Instead of living with air freshener effects, contact Beyer Boys whose experts can help you discover healthier options for better air quality. We provide HVAC services for San Antonio homeowners.

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