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Attic Safety Tips for Winter

Attic Safety Tips for WinterClimbing up into that unfinished zone on the other side of your ceiling calls for a few attic safety tips. Most people spend as little time as possible in those cramped confines. Indeed, it’s a good idea to leave evaluation of attic insulation and/or checking for roof leakage to qualified professionals. Nevertheless, if you plan to venture up there on your own, keep these attic safety tips in mind.

Dress for the occasion.

Most attics are not heated or cooled. Attics may be not just uncomfortable, but actually hazardous due to temperature extremes in winter and summer. Wear clothing appropriate to the season and don’t expose yourself to excessively low or high temperatures for lengthy periods. Climb down into the house and give yourself frequent breaks.

Check the stairs.

Folding attic stairs recessed into the ceiling are often flimsy and, over time, may loosen and become unsafe. Check the condition of the stairs to make sure they are secure and safe to support your weight.

Look out for sharp objects.

Nails protruding through the sub-roof pose potential head injuries. Raw, unfinished wood structure in the attic can be a source of splinters and cuts. Wear a hat and gloves.

Avoid electrical components.

Electrical wires are frequently routed through the attic, as are junction boxes and the upper portion of recessed ceiling lights, as well. Avoid contact with these to reduce potential shock hazards.

Protect your lungs.

Attic air may contain high levels of insulation fibers, dust and airborne mold spores. These present health hazards if inhaled. Wear a dust mask rated for N-95 protection, commonly available at home centers and hardware stores, for protection against contaminants.

Watch your step.

Always walk on the board walkway down the center of the attic or on visible attic joists. Never step out on beds of insulation—these are supported only by the ceiling below, which will likely give way under your weight.

Keep attic safety in mind before you decide to climb up there yourself. For qualified professional service to deal with attic-related issues such as ductwork and insulation, contact Beyer Boys.

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