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Attic-Sealing Strategies Give San Antonians A Solid Plan For Efficiency

Your attic isn’t just a place to store things. It’s an important part of your home’s ability to “breathe.” And with San Antonio’s high summer heat and fluctuating humidity, a properly functioning attic is especially important. It allows your heating and cooling system to work efficiently year round, keeping you comfortable and protecting your home from potentially costly problems.

Moisture is your attic’s worst enemy. It can creep into your attic from any direction, damaging your roof and insulation and causing problems in the living areas of your home. Proper attic sealing can help avoid problems and save you money.

Gaps and leaks.

  • Seal areas around ductwork, wiring and plumbing, light fixtures and the doorway or other attic entry points, so warm, humid air doesn’t leak into the attic from your living areas below.
  • Make sure your roof is in good condition, with correctly installed flashing.


  • Make sure your attic is well insulated, including the eaves, so heat doesn’t build up in the summer or escape in the winter.
  • Consider adding radiant barrier, a reflective material installed on the underside of your roof. This will help your other insulation function optimally and protect any ductwork in your attic from exposure to over-heated or cold air, so it can function optimally, too.


  • Attic sealing including allowance for proper air flow, so warm air and moisture don’t get trapped and accumulate in your attic.
  • Vent fans from the kitchen range, bathroom and dryer directly outdoors, not into the attic.
  • Consider adding roof vents, replacing soffit vents with ridged vents, and installing baffles (rafter vents) on rafters, near the floor, to allow any moisture entering from soffits to escape and to keep insulation clean and dry.
  • Make sure your intake and exhaust vents are well-balanced, for best air flow.

Attic sealing can help your attic stay well-ventilated and dry, protecting your home from structural damage, lowering your energy costs, and keeping you comfortable year round. Contact Beyer Boys for professional advice or assistance to ensure your attic is functioning efficiently.

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