5 Ways to Babyproof Your Home’s HVAC System

Once your baby becomes mobile, everything in your home is something new and exciting to discover. Before your little one reaches that stage, you’ll no doubt take measures to make your home a safer environment. When you’re doing so, don’t forget to babyproof your HVAC system components by taking these steps:

Secure Your Metal Registers

HVAC registers located anywhere near floor level are very attractive to a tiny explorer, but these metal grates are a significant safety hazard. Their sharp edges can cause painful cuts to curious fingers, or bumps, bruises and even eye injuries if your baby is able to pull the register cover out. Screwing them down securely can help keep your little one safe and babyproof your HVAC.

Switch to Plastic Register Covers

An alternate way to babyproof your HVAC registers is by switching out your metal registers for plastic versions that don’t have sharp edges. And since they aren’t screwed down, you can easily remove them to clean inside the duct boots.

Screen the Registers

If toys getting in the ductwork is a concern, create a toy-trap beneath the register covers by cutting vinyl window screening to size and attaching it to the underside of each vent cover.

Store Your HVAC Remotes Up High

Your thermostat or mini-split remote should be kept up high where your crawler or toddler can’t reach it. Babies put everything in their mouths to experience new tastes and textures, and the battery inside a remote is a real danger because it can cause serious internal burns if ingested.

Make the Outdoor Unit Off Limits

The outdoor HVAC unit with its moving fan blades, sharp metal condenser fins and electricity flowing through its wiring poses many potential threats to your child’s safety. If your outdoor unit is situated in your home’s backyard or anywhere that it might be accessible once your baby becomes a toddler, make it off limits by installing a locked cage or putting a fence around the unit.

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Credit/Copyright Attribution: “FeeLoona/Pixabay”