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Home Remodel? Consider These HVAC Needs in Bathroom Ventilation

Home Remodel? Consider These HVAC Needs in Bathroom VentilationA home remodel gives you an opportunity to get it right by making your home more efficient, as well as improving comfort and facilitating savings. One area of key importance where you can do just that is with a bathroom HVAC project.

Sure, there’s already likely a bathroom vent that feeds the heating and cooling in there. But if you don’t have a dedicated exhaust vent to remove stale, odorous air and moisture, you need one. Here’s why:

Why Your Bathroom Needs Ventilation

If your bathroom lacks ventilation or the current system is old and doesn’t run well, you should have a new one installed during your renovation. The system should be exhausted to the outdoors through a duct running through the ceiling and out the roof, or out an exterior wall.

Exhaust systems that release moist air into a space between ceiling joists or into the attic are setting up conditions for mold in the future. The system won’t work as it should unless it is vented to the exterior of the home.

Bathrooms are one of the primary sources for higher humidity in the home, because of long showers, flushing and running water in the sink. Not only is this moisture a source of mold, mildew and fungus, but it can also raise the home’s humidity level so that the occupants feel sticky and uncomfortable in the summer. When we feel warmer, we have an urge to turn the thermostat down, and that affects energy use.

Installing Bathroom HVAC

You may be delighted to learn as you shop for a bathroom exhaust system that models are available that are quieter and more efficient than ever. Some feature motion sensor lights so they turn off when you leave; others offer heat exchanger technology which prevent your heating from being drawn into the vent and exhausted.

Exhaust ventilation systems are rated by air flow capacity (how much air they can remove) in cubic feet per minute (cfm).

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