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Be Cost-Effective Through Energy Savings

Be Cost-Effective Through Energy SavingsIf you’re looking for a way to shave costs at home, look no further than energy savings you might be able to achieve with your air conditioning system. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, cooling and heating your home account for about half of your energy use each year.

Everyone knows it’s easy to lower energy consumption by turning the temperature up, but there are ways to do it without having to sacrifice your comfort. Maintenance is the key to achieving lower energy use.

Change the air filter.

A clean filter keeps your system running as efficiently as possible. When you’re using the A/C frequently, check it monthly and change it when it’s covered with dust. Not only will it cut your cooling bills, it’ll keep your system running dependably.

Clean the outdoor condenser.

All central cooling systems have a condenser that contains a compressor, a fan and a condensing coil. After the refrigerant leaves the air handler indoors, it goes into this coil where the fan blows air over it to cool it.

A clean coil will cool the refrigerant faster and contribute to your energy savings. The condenser also needs free airflow around it. Make sure there’s at least two feet on all sides for the fan to pull enough air through the coils to cool down quickly.

The coils themselves may also need cleaning. Use the hose to remove the dust, being careful if they’re covered with thin fins. The fins help dissipate the heat, just like a radiator does in a car.

Schedule professional maintenance.

An HVAC technician from Beyer Boys will go through the entire system, cleaning and adjusting all the parts. He or she will check the refrigerant level. When the level is too high or low, the system will use more energy than it should.

As much use as air conditioners get in this region, maintenance is the fastest path toward energy savings and a longer lifetime. For help maintaining yours, contact Beyer Boys, providing HVAC services for San Antonio homeowners.