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Boost Energy Efficiency by Cleaning Your Windows

Your windows are probably on the spring cleaning chore list you follow to freshen up your home’s exterior. Polishing up the panes is a good way to enhance your home’s aesthetic appeal, but window maintenance is a necessity if you want to boost HVAC performance and energy efficiency.

How Windows Affect a Home’s Efficiency

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, 25—30 percent of a household’s yearly HVAC energy bills are wasted by energy gains/losses through the windows. Keeping your windows clean and as efficient as possible can let you lower that percentage. With more efficient windows, your HVAC components don’t have to work as hard, which allows them to perform better and last longer too.

Suggestions for Boosting Window Efficiency

In addition to your usual spring cleaning regimen, start improving the efficiency of your windows by taking one or more of these measures:

  • Before you polish the glass, check each window to locate areas with missing/cracked caulking or missing/damaged weatherstripping. To seal up air leaks, clear away the damaged material and replace it with new.
  • If you have badly-leaking windows, spring is a great time to have new efficient ones installed. For a less costly alternative, invest in interior “storm” inserts. Made of plexiglass or acrylic, these are custom made to size, so they’ll fit securely to curb any air leakage.
  • If you have double-hung or casement windows to clean, put extra emphasis on the tracks and movable parts. It’s important to clear out all accumulated buildup from these spots so you can shut the windows fully to prevent air leaks.
  • Once you’ve thoroughly cleaned and polished all the windows, install solar film to keep a high percentage of the sun’s heat from coming in through the glass.
  • Give your home’s interior an energy-efficient refresh with insulated window blinds or curtains that you can shut on sunny days to reduce heat gain.
  • Amp up exterior shade by installing awnings on your windows, or planting some well-placed trees in your yard.

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