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Check Your HVAC Airflow: Is It Good or Bad?

Check Your HVAC Airflow: Is It Good or Bad?Good airflow through your home’s HVAC is essential for comfort. If airflow through the supply and return ducts isn’t good, it can affect your energy bills, the HVAC equipment’s lifespan, and your air quality. Certain conditions in your home can be warning signs that your HVAC airflow is bad, such as:

  • Inconsistent temperature between rooms
  • Low flow from the air vents
  • Uneven temperature control house-wide
  • Issues with air quality due to a pressure imbalance

Possible Reasons for Bad Airflow

When the HVAC system is functioning properly, it pushes out a certain amount of air through the ducts, then brings the same volume of air back for reconditioning through the return ducts. A number of underlying issues can upset this even balance of airflow, including:

  • Closed/blocked supply vents or return registers, or doors being closed to seldom-used rooms.
  • A clogged filter, which restricts the amount of airflow across the cooling coil.
  • Leaks in the ductwork where conditioned air can escape.
  • Flawed ductwork design, which prevents even cooling.
  • Dirt on the coils, which acts as an insulator that impairs heat transfer and lowers conditioned air output.
  • Too slow a fan speed, which causes ice formation on the coil and a decline in the system’s cooling capabilities.
  • Oversized equipment capacity that causes chronic short cycling and ineffective temperature/humidity control.
  • Insufficient airflow at the outdoor HVAC unit, which results in overheating, excessive energy consumption and a decline in comfort.

How to Check for and Correct Bad HVAC Airflow

Checking for proper HVAC airflow is a complicated task that takes experience and training. It involves the calculation of flow rates, air velocity and volume of air being delivered, as well as the amount of airflow over the coil. Then, these figures must be checked against the airflow specs from your equipment’s manufacturer to pinpoint problems.

A certified HVAC contractor knows how to accurately check your HVAC airflow. If there are problems, they’re also your best source of advice about the right solutions.

If you want to check whether the HVAC airflow in your San Antonio home is good or bad, contact us at Beyer Boys.