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How to Choose the Right Heating System

Like every homeowner, at some point you’ll need to replace your central heating system. Consider the following factors when mulling over your heating system options.

Existing Infrastructure

Your first decision will be whether to upgrade to the same type of system you already have. If your home is already heated by a natural gas furnace, for example, continuing with a combustion gas furnace has the advantage of already having the plumbing, venting and other infrastructure in place. Likewise, if you use a heat pump to provide both heating and cooling in your home, it might be sensible to stay with that technology.

Choosing a System

If your home’s existing infrastructure isn’t a big factor, you’ll want to weigh the advantages of a heat pump system over a traditional gas furnace. While natural gas is cheap and available if your home is connected to a central gas line, a heat pump can provide both heating and cooling. In South Texas’s mild winter climate, the main disadvantage of heating with a heat pump – reduced performance in very cold temperatures – isn’t a big factor. Discuss with your trusted HVAC contractor the pros and cons of each type of system.


Your new system’s efficiency level is also a consideration. In a climate with a long, hot summer, investing in a more expensive, high-efficiency heating system shouldn’t be a high priority. If you’re considering a heat pump here in San Antonio, higher cooling efficiency is more important.


Sizing is also a crucial factor when mulling over your heating system options. Make sure your HVAC contractor performs a heating load calculation on your home before they recommend a system size. It will take into account a number of factors, including your home’s size and layout, efficiency level (both insulation and airtightness), window coverage, and more. This will help prevent a situation where your new equipment is under- or over-sized. Both can result in serious problems with performance and efficiency.

To discuss heating system options for your San Antonio area home, please contact us at Beyer Boys. We will provide alternatives that make sense for your particular home.

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