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Cold Spots: Tips and Tricks

Cold spots in different areas in your home can quickly erode your comfort, especially during heating season. Fortunately, they’re an issue you don’t have to simply live with because there are different options available to achieve more consistent temperature control throughout your home.

Here are four tips on how to fix cold spots that you should discuss with your HVAC contractor:

Balance, Seal, and Insulate the Ductwork

Ductwork that’s leaky can waste as much as 20 percent of your furnace’s warm air output. If the duct system isn’t properly balanced, sufficient warm air may not be reaching all your rooms. An experienced HVAC technician can evaluate the air distribution system and make any necessary changes, like adding extra supply or return runs. They can also seal and insulate the accessible ducts to limit leakage and heat loss.

Add a Zoning System

A zoning system breaks your home down into at least two independent HVAC areas so you can set different heating parameters in each one. To create the zones, an HVAC pro installs ductwork dampers that are linked to dedicated thermostats, and then connects them all via a central control panel for your ease-of-use.

Invest in Variable-Speed Technology

If you have a single-speed blower, it simply cycles on and then off based on the thermostat’s temperature setting, which results in alternating warm and cool periods. A blower with variable-speed capabilities can automatically modulate its speed, and runs for longer cycles on the lowest-possible setting. Depending on your current system, you may be able to switch to a variable speed blower and benefit from more even heating.

Upgrade to a Two-Stage Furnace

If you’re considering replacing your existing HVAC equipment, a two-stage furnace is a worthwhile investment, especially in our climate. These models have a dual-stage burner and gas valve, and they run on low whenever possible and for longer periods. Not only is two-stage heating more consistent, it reduces unnecessary equipment wear and energy waste too, especially when it’s paired with variable-speed air handler.

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