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Comfort Considerations of Guest Houses

Comfort Considerations of Guest HousesIf you have a separate area of your home dedicated to visitors, you’ll want to be sure that it also offers plenty of guest house comfort. Thanks to cooling product innovations, there’s a solution for every kind of space.

As a Separate Building

When the building is separate from the main house, you have plenty of cost-effective options for cooling. Wall, window, or portable air conditioners will keep the space cool regardless of the outdoor temperatures, as long as your homeowner’s association approves them.

But if you want to use the guest house in the winter, consider using a ductless mini split heat pump. These systems are ideal for conditioning standalone structures since they don’t require ductwork. They provide safe and energy efficient heat in the winter and exceptional cooling in the summer. They’re quiet and unobtrusive inside, since the condenser/compressor sits nearby outdoors.

As Part of Your Home

If you have a guest room or space that’s part of your conditioned space, consider zoning your home. A zoning system is the best way to guarantee guest house comfort on an individual basis whenever the area is being used. When you zone your home, you divide it into separate areas that have similar thermal or placement characteristics and control each zone with its own thermostat.

You can zone the guest area as its own space, which lets you turn the zone off when it’s not being used. Your guests can set the temperature to their own preferences while they’re staying with you. Year-round, you save energy and money, since you’re not cooling or heating that area when it’s not in use.

Another option for rooms that are warmer than others in the summer is to use a portable A/C unit to use in addition to your central cooling system. Portable units are on wheels and easy to store in a closet or the garage.

The best way to assure guest house comfort is to consult the experts at Beyer Boys. We provide top-notch HVAC services for the San Antonio area.

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