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The Effectiveness of Leaving Customer Reviews for Your HVAC Company

Do you appreciate your HVAC company and the excellent service they provide? If so, you could do them a favor by leaving a positive review on one of the online websites such as Houzz, Yelp, or Angie’s List.

Yes, a thank you note is great, but if you really want to help out your favorite HVAC company, you’ll share a detailed review about the good service, quality products and fair price your consultant has provided for you.

Customer reviews have emerged as one of the best ways a business such as an HVAC company can gauge the level of satisfaction its customers are receiving. The websites for raves or rants about service, equipment, reliability and timely completion of a job are essentially providing mini-marketing surveys — for free. But these customer reviews help businesses in other ways besides improving service.

Here are four good reasons why good online reviews can help your trusted HVAC company.

1. Rankings will rise.

These days it’s important for a company to keep rankings high with search engines. The more others write about a company online, the more important the search engines will find the company to be. The company will emerge closer to the top as customers do more searches.

2. More keywords, the greater the online presence.

Many of the keywords used in your customer reviews will also help boost your HVAC company’s online presence, as consumers look for air conditioning or heating services and equipment provided by your HVAC company.

3. More and better reviews equal higher profits.

It stands to reason if your HVAC company gets more exposure through more online reviews, sales will go up. That’s a good thing for you, as excellent sales help a company hire and retain better quality employees, and also enable them to carry and service top of the line HVAC equipment.

4. Reviews boost loyalty.

Customers who write positive reviews are more likely to keep coming back to the company they’re reviewing.

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