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How Daylight Saving Time Affects Your Thermostat

Fall is almost here, and with it comes the end of Daylight Saving Time. In early November, you’ll dutifully set all your clocks back one hour. But will you remember to reset your thermostat? There are a number of ways Daylight Saving Time impacts your HVAC system, without your even realizing it.

First of all, if you have a programmable thermostat, you need to change its time settings. To save energy, you can pre-program your HVAC system to be in “cooling mode” during times when everyone’s home, but go automatically into “energy saving mode,” which is a few degrees warmer, when the adults go to work and the kids are at school. However, once you fall back an hour, those times will be off. You’ll end up at home during one hour of uncomfortable temperatures and one hour where you’re paying to cool an empty house — unless you change the times on the thermostat when you change your clocks.

Of course, when November arrives, you won’t be needing cooling for much longer anyway. So it’s also important to change your temperature settings at Daylight Saving, to put your thermostat in heating mode, rather than cooling. That means reversing what it does when you’re in and out of the house. Set it to about 70 degrees when you’re at home, then have it drop down to 60 while everyone’s gone. Then during the night, while everyone’s asleep (with plenty of blankets), program it to go down to about 55, to save energy even more.

Finally, when Daylight Saving ends, it’s also an ideal time to change your thermostat’s batteries. You’ve probably heard the rule of thumb to change your smoke detector’s batteries once a year, at the same time you set your clocks back. Well, your thermostat battery should also be changed once a year. So to make sure you remember, do it along with your smoke detector, at the end of Daylight Saving.

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