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Deck the Halls with the Right Number of Smoke Detectors

smoke detectors

Installing smoke detectors is an effective way to protect you and your family from fires. Since these detectors alert you to the presence of smoke, it’s important to make sure you have as many of them as you need in your San Antonio home. Find out more about how to determine how many you should have and where to place them.

Different Levels

How many levels does your home have? You should have at least one smoke detector on each level of your home. If your home has a basement, keep in mind that this area should also have a smoke detector, since fires can break out down there.

Different Rooms

Which rooms should have smoke detectors? You should install a smoke detector in every bedroom and in hallways outside your bedrooms. If you have a first floor without any sleeping areas, install a smoke detector in your living room or family room. You should also install a smoke detector close to the stairs that go up to the second floor. If you’re installing a detector in your basement, you should put it on the ceiling near the stairs.

No matter where you’re putting a smoke detector, make sure that it’s placed high up on your wall or on the ceiling. Your detectors should be installed higher up since smoke rises when there’s a fire.

Where Not to Put Smoke Detectors

Where should you avoid putting smoke detectors? You shouldn’t place one close to the stove in your kitchen, since this can raise the risk of having it go off as a false alarm when you’re cooking. Instead, install a smoke detector 10 feet or more away from your stove or other cooking appliance.

If you’re putting a smoke detector on a pitched ceiling, you should avoid installing it at the peak. Instead, place it a few feet away from the peak.

If you need more information on smoke detectors for your San Antonio home, please contact Beyer Boys today.