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Deterring Bugs with Your HVAC

Deterring Bugs with Your HVACYou probably don’t want to think about bugs in HVAC equipment, but the truth is that insects can get into almost anything. While it isn’t too common for bugs to nest inside any specific piece of equipment, they can sometimes gum up the works and will often use parts of your equipment to sneak inside your home.

How do you deter them from doing this? Here are a few tips you should keep in mind:

Look for Gaps and Cracks in Your Ductwork

Since ductwork runs throughout your entire home, there are plenty of places that can be vulnerable to bugs and other pests. Over time, gaps and cracks will appear due to age and use. These problems areas must be patched up if you want to keep the critters out.

Check Your Outdoor Condenser Unit

As logic would dictate, your outdoor condenser unit can be invaded by bugs since it’s located outside where these little pests live. During the winter months, in fact, the condenser can become a safe haven for certain types of insects and other pests that are trying to take shelter from the cold. These include bees and wasps, which have been known to set up shop there.

Remove Any Signs of Moisture

Insects are attracted to areas of moisture, which can lead them toward your HVAC equipment. No matter where moisture has accumulated in your home, it is essential that you clean it up immediately.

Switch Out Your Air Filter Regularly

No, our point here isn’t that air filters get clogged up by insects. Rather, when dust and debris are mucking up the filter, this can cause moisture to build up in your ductwork because of a decrease in your HVAC system’s efficiency. As noted above, moisture attracts bugs, so this is something to avoid.

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