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Don’t Close the Registers: Effective Temperature Control

Don't Close the Registers: Effective Temperature ControlMaintaining an ideal indoor temperature in every room in the house can sometimes seem like a moving target. At any given time, one room may be too warm while another is too cool and somebody, somewhere is always uncomfortable. While a HVAC professional can usually diagnose the reasons for temperature variations and offer workable solutions, a do-it-yourself alternative like closing individual room registers often seems to make sense.

Here are some reasons why that’s actually not a good idea.

  • Your HVAC system produces the same amount of heated or cooled air at all times, whether all registers in the house are open or not. System blower output and ductwork size are carefully designed to ensure that each room receives the proper volume of conditioned air based on its square footage to maintain a consistent temperature. This critical calculation assumes that all room registers remain open at all times.
  • When individual room registers are closed, however, air imbalance affects the entire system. While the rooms with closed registers get no conditioned air, other rooms now receive too much. Rooms that are closest to the central air handler may be overly warm in winter or too cool in summer. Rooms that are furthest away, meanwhile, may not receive sufficient conditioned air to stay comfortable in any season.
  • Closing registers also unbalances household air pressure. An over-pressurized house loses heated or cooled air through structural cracks and gaps while an under-pressurized environment draws unconditioned, unfiltered outdoor air into the house and makes indoor temperatures—as well as healthy indoor air quality—harder to control.

Instead of Closing Registers

When indoor temperature variations are an issue, a qualified HVAC technician can offer options to restore balance. Air volume into rooms can be precisely measured and individually adjusted to make comfort more consistent. Common conditions affecting air circulation such as leaky ductwork can also be pinpointed and repaired. Proper thermostat location, air sealing cracks and gaps, as well as verifying that insulation is adequate all also contribute to consistent comfort.

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