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Drain Safety 101: Make Sure These Things Never Go Down a Drain

Drain Safety 101: Make Sure These Things Never Go Down a DrainNo doubt your mother told you never to put grease or oil down the drain, but that’s not the only thing that will cause a clog. Have a look at the list below, and make sure you follow the alternative suggestions for disposal and for drain safety.

Never Dispose of These 5 Things Down the Drain

  1. Grease/oil. We’ll say it again: never pour even small amounts of grease or oil down the drain. And following it with hot water will not help. It has to travel a long way before it gets into the main sewer, and it will cool off and coagulate, clogging up your pipes as it traps other waste substances. Even if your oils and grease make it to the main sewer, you’re just not being a good citizen by passing the problem along.
  2. Feminine products. Never dispose of sanitary napkins or tampons down the toilet. They will absorb water and swell up and clog your toilet line. Don’t throw cotton balls away in the toilet for the same reason.
  3. Paper that’s not toilet tissue. Don’t dispose of paper towels, newspaper, printer paper or any other kind of paper that’s not designed to dissolve quickly like toilet paper in the toilet. It will stick to the sides of the pipes and cause a clog.
  4. Pasta and starchy foods. You may have been disposing of pasta and rice in your disposal, but it’s not a good idea. It can form a sticky paste and clog your disposal.
  5. Toxic chemicals. Solvents, pesticides and other toxic chemicals should never go down the drain. Despite treatment at the water plant, not all these chemical compounds can be removed and they will end up in our water supply, threatening us as well as fish that inhabit our waterways. Either cap these substances tightly and throw away in the garbage or take them to the place your municipality has designated for their disposal.

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