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Does Duct Design Affect Heating and Cooling?

Does Duct Design Affect Heating and Cooling?Proper duct design doesn’t happen by chance. In fact, today it’s literally a science. Industry-standard software to calculate ductwork layout has made great strides in keeping homes cooler in summer, warmer in winter, and more energy-efficient year-round. The goal of duct design is effective distribution of conditioned air throughout the house, providing appropriate volume to maintain consistent comfort in all rooms, no matter what size or location.

Duct Design

The volume of conditioned air in cubic feet per minute (CFM) conveyed by the system is limited according to the size of the ducts. Utilizing the Air Conditioning Contractors of America’s (ACCA) Manual D and Manual S software, a qualified HVAC technician can calculate the precise size and optimum physical configuration of supply and return ductwork for most efficient duct performance.

Professional duct design and installation provides these cooling/heating benefits:

  • The ductwork is sized to convey the correct volume of conditioned air to handle the home’s cooling and heating load (as determined by a formal load calculation). This ensures temperature consistency in all rooms, including those most distant from the central air handler/blower.
  • Supply and return duct airflow is balanced so air pressure is neutral in all rooms. An over-pressurized room loses excessive cooling and heating, increasing operating costs, while negative pressure in a room draws in unconditioned and unfiltered outdoor air through structural cracks and gaps.
  • Ductwork is designed to be as short as possible and incorporate a minimum number of elbows and joints which interfere with airflow.
  • Supply registers are all located on interior walls for maximum efficiency. Supply air entering rooms has an unobstructed path to the nearest return duct.
  • Duct joints are properly sealed to prevent air loss. Segments of supply ductwork that are routed through unconditioned zones such as the attic or crawl space are insulated to minimize thermal loss or gain.

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