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Duct Sealing: A Proven Energy Saver

There are many projects a homeowner can do to save energy; however, because leaks in ductwork can contribute up to a 20 percent loss of air, sealing ducts is one of the most significant and inexpensive ways to save energy.

Your home’s complex air distribution system is made of up ductwork that snakes out from the heating and cooling equipment, through the ducts and into the home. During this process, the duct pipes make connection with other duct pipes, as the system twists and turns through your home’s attic, ceilings, walls and basement.

It’s impossible to access the hidden ductwork, but you can make significant gains from addressing leaks in the ductwork you can see. To seal leaks, experts recommend using a special product designed for use with duct material: it’s called mastic sealant. You can also use a metal tape that adheres to ducts.

As you work your way out from the furnace and A/C unit, use your hands to feel for air leaks, disconnections between duct pipes or gaps where ducts and grills meet. Insulating with the sealant or tape should stop air leakage. An HVAC contractor can help address hidden areas where leaks might exist.

There are several benefits to gain from duct sealing.

  1. The one room in your home that was never as comfortable as the rest of the house is now comfortable because it receives the full force of conditioned air.
  2. Indoor air quality is more controlled because tightly sealed ductwork means potential pollutants can’t get into the air distribution system.
  3. Leaky ducts leads to dangerous back drafts from equipment fueled by combustible gas, which is drawn into the ductwork (and the home) instead of vents.
  4. Ultimately, you save money because that 20 percent loss no longer exists. The efficiency of your equipment increases and your utility bills decrease.

If you’re looking for an inexpensive yet effective energy-saving project, look no further. Duct sealing gets you the results you’re after. The Beyer Boys’ experts are available to help you with HVAC projects, such as duct sealing. Call them with your questions.

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