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Common Home Electrical Problems & How to Fix Them

Common Home Electrical Problems & How to Fix ThemHome electrical problems are bound to crop up occasionally. Some are easily fixable, while others need the attention of a licensed electrician. Here are five common issues and tips on how to deal with electrical issues at home.

Tripped Circuit Breakers

You can prevent circuit overloads that trip breakers by not plugging too many items into one outlet, and shutting off plugged-in devices when they’re not being used. Circuit breakers that trip repeatedly can indicate a short circuit somewhere in the electrical system. You’ll need professional help to diagnose and correct the problem.

Lights That Flicker

If a single light flickers, you may have a loose or defective bulb that can easily be corrected by tightening or replacing the light bulb. Other possible causes should be investigated by a knowledgeable professional. These can include a faulty fixture or a loose wire in the main electrical panel.

If all your lights flicker briefly when the air conditioner or another major appliance starts up, there’s likely a bad connection somewhere in your system that needs to be addressed.

Dead Electrical Outlets

If you discover that an outlet doesn’t work, check your electrical panel for a tripped breaker that needs to be reset. If just one plug stops working, or you notice black scorch marks on the outlet, have the receptacle replaced to avert the risk of a fire.

Repeated Light Bulb Replacement

When bulbs burn out quickly, you may be using higher wattage bulbs than your fixtures can tolerate. You can solve this problem by checking the maximum listed wattage on each fixture and installing bulbs that match.

Burning Smells From Receptacles

If you notice acrid burning odors from an electrical switch or outlet, shut off the breaker that controls it in your electrical panel and call an electrician. Unless a faulty device is plugged into the outlet in question, you may have unsafe wiring or a short circuit that should be addressed immediately to prevent an electrical fire.

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