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Energy Saving Tips for Winter

Energy Saving Tips for WinterWhen the weather turns cold, millions of homeowners see an uptick in their energy usage, which obviously leads to higher utility bills. It doesn’t have to be that way, though. Here are some of our favorite techniques that will make energy savings a reality during these chilly months.

Schedule an Annual HVAC Checkup

You should have your heating system checked once per year by a qualified technician. This will help prolong its overall lifespan and maintain the unit’s high level of energy efficiency. Plus, the technician can troubleshoot the unit and pinpoint any possible issues that might be affecting its performance, then get those problems fixed right away.

Install a Programmable Thermostat

We’ve talked about programmable thermostats so much that you’d think they were some kind of miracle cure. While that’s not exactly true, these new models (including the even more advanced smart thermostats) can help you get control of your energy usage throughout the winter season and beyond.

Seal Your Doors and Windows

Cracks and gaps are often found around doors and windows, causing air leaks that force your heating system to work harder, thereby wasting energy. Seal any problem areas you find with caulking, spray foam, or weatherstripping to keep everything running smoothly.

Lower the Water Heater Temperature

Many homeowners have the water heater temperature turned up higher than it needs to be. We understand that it’s cold outside and a hot shower feels fantastic, but try lowering it and see if it still gets hot enough for you. If it does, then you can save a good deal of money every year.

Unplug Energy Vampires

There are quite a few devices, such as computers, laptops, and cell phone chargers, that continue to use a small amount of energy even when the device is turned off. If you want to cut off the power completely, you’ll need to unplug these devices.

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