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Exotic Pets: How to Achieve the Perfect Temperature

Exotic animals can make great pets — but only if you care for them properly. Owning them comes with extra responsibilities that you should take seriously. Let’s explore the correct temperatures for exotic pets.


Reptiles are cold-blooded, meaning their surroundings completely determine their body temperatures. Most pet lizards, snakes, tortoises, and turtles need to be housed in enclosures with warm basking zones. They need constant temperatures that shouldn’t go below the low 70s with basking areas in the 90 to 100-degree range. These basking zones should allow the reptiles to access direct ultraviolet light.


Birds keep themselves warm using their feathers. They can tolerate gradual temperature changes. Your pet bird will be comfortable at the same temperature in which you’re comfortable. However, extreme fluctuations can stress its immunity and make it more prone to disease. For that reason, avoid keeping its cage near drafty doors and windows or directly in front of air vents.

If a pet bird is fluffing up its feathers, it’s probably sick or cold and is trying to trap warm air close to its body. Turn up your thermostat if you spot your feathered friend doing so.

Rabbits and Chinchillas

These mammals tolerate low temperatures better than high temperatures. Due to their thick fur, they overheat easily. They’re at risk when the temperatures are above 80 degrees. During the hot and humid summer months, it’s best to house them indoors in cool, dry spaces. In the winter, rabbits can live outside due to the mild daytime temperatures in South Texas.

Guinea Pigs

The guinea pig has just one layer of fur, which doesn’t insulate it well. It doesn’t overheat as easily as chinchillas and rabbits. It does best in temperatures ranging from 59 to 68 degrees.

Remember, failing to provide your exotic pets with the right indoor environment leaves them more vulnerable to health problems and even death. If you have any questions on providing the correct temperatures for exotic pets in the San Antonio area, contact the experts in indoor air comfort, Beyer Boys.