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Fall Air Quality Concerns and Considerations in San Antonio

Although San Antonio appears to have been spared flooding from Hurricane Harvey’s widespread rain bands, we were watchful as we usually are during these events, since our city is no stranger to floods. Heavy precipitation brings problems in many forms besides water damage, however. Air quality concerns such as mold are among them.

As late summer turns into fall, let’s have a look at what other air quality concerns we San Antonians should be aware of.

Pollen Allergies

Allergy sufferers are sensitive to a number of plants in the fall, including ragweed, which triggers eczema and asthma, and can aggravate eye problems. Mountain cedar is another major allergen. Both of these plants produce pollen that travels through the air and not only creates allergic reactions when we’re outside, but wafts inside on clothes and when we open the door. Generally, we don’t see enough cold weather in San Antonio to successfully quash the ill effects of these allergens in winter, so sometimes, they can be a bother all year long.


As mentioned above, wet conditions can cause mold that afflicts us outdoors, but too much rain can also make our homes feel damp, so that mold, mildew and fungus actually begin to grow indoors. If you smell a musty odor, check your home for signs of dampness, such as leaking plumbing or roof/ceiling, or from a clogged condensate drain in your air conditioner.


Ozone from traffic and from nearby shale drilling contribute to poor air quality in San Antonio, particularly on warm, sunny days — which we have plenty of. It’s better to stay indoors and avoid ozone on days when levels are high, to prevent lung damage.

Indoor Pollutants

Most of our homes harbor a variety of air pollutants that can aggravate allergies and causing respiratory problems. They include dust, dust mites and other insect particles, volatile organic compounds, pet dander and others. To control these allergens, use a good quality air filter and vacuum your home regularly, using a HEPA filter.

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