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Fire Hazards During the Holidays

Fire Hazards During the HolidaysYour mind may be a million miles away from thinking of holiday safety at home, but in reality, it’s one of the most dangerous places to be in December. The holiday festivities, the cooking, the candles and the real Christmas trees and decorations set the stage for accidents and fires.

Pay close attention to these points of vulnerability:

  • Christmas trees. If you put up a real Christmas tree, be sure you have the tree lot make a fresh cut on the trunk and water it daily. Be sure your smoke detectors are working and you put the tree away from the fireplace. Don’t burn candles anywhere near it. Instead of just turning off the lights with a switch, unplug them from the wall.
  • Overloaded light strings. Even if you use LED lights, be careful not to plug too many strings of light together. Read the label on the light string to learn how many you can attach. As you put the lights up, be sure that the wires are intact and the bulbs aren’t broken. If you notice any damage, toss the string.
  • Fireplaces. Have a chimney sweep or fireplace expert clean and inspect it annually. Creosote builds inside the chimney that can start hidden fires. By the time you notice the problem, the fire could be well underway inside the attic.
  • Space heaters. Space heaters work well for warming small rooms for brief periods, but don’t use them unattended for longer periods. They are one of the primary causes of home fires in the winter. Keep flammable materials away and don’t use them with extension cords.
  • Heating system. Have your furnace maintained by a pro to prevent malfunctions.
  • Kids with matches. The rate of fires and injuries caused by children who play with matches and lighters doubles during December. Be sure you keep them in places where the kids can’t reach them.

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