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Five Holiday Fire Hazards to Avoid This Season

Five Holiday Fire Hazards to Avoid This SeasonThe holiday season is meant to be a joyful time of year. If you’re not careful, though, it could become a dangerous one due to fire risks. Watch for these common holiday fire hazards so you can keep your San Antonio home safe this season.

Christmas Trees

Live Christmas trees might look beautiful in your home, but they can be a fire hazard. Make sure you choose a fresh tree, and remember to water it often to stop it from getting too dry. Keep your Christmas tree at least a few feet away from your fireplace, furnace, or other heat sources.

Lights and Other Decorations

Holiday lights and other decorations can cause fires if they have cords or wires that are worn out or frayed. Inspect these decorations before using them to make sure that they’re in good condition, especially if they’re older ones that you’ve had for many years. Keep in mind that you should also avoid plugging too many lights and other decorations into one outlet.


Lighting scented candles can fill your home with a festive aroma. However, leaving any type of candle unsupervised while it’s burning could lead to a fire. Keep candles away from flammable items in your home and put them out of reach if you have kids or pets around.


If you plan on using your fireplace during the holiday season for family gatherings or other festivities, move flammable objects away first. This includes stockings and other decorations that might be hanging from your mantle, as well as wrapped presents or gift bags that might be stacked close to the fireplace. If you don’t already have one, put a protective screen on your wood-burning fireplace to keep sparks from hitting carpeting or other flammable items.


When you’re cooking holiday meals, keep a close eye on your stove. Move items that could catch fire, such as kitchen towels, away from your stove.

If you need more information and tips to prevent holiday fire hazards in your San Antonio home, please contact Beyer Boys.