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Fixing Uneven Cooling in Two-Story Homes

Fixing Uneven Cooling in Two-Story HomesIs your two-story home suffering from uneven cooling? You’re not alone. It’s not uncommon in the summer to have a ground floor that’s cool and comfortable while your upstairs is sweltering. Read on to learn more about these noticeable temperature differences.

Why Is Your Second Floor Too Hot?

Your air conditioning system should cool your entire house without any problems. However, over time, several factors can reduce its cooling ability. These include:

System age or size — If your A/C system is old or undersized, it won’t meet your home’s cooling needs adequately.

Hot roof — If your roof isn’t well protected from the sun, it will absorb solar heat. This heat will find its way into the top floor through your attic.

Unsealed ducts — Leaky ductwork can allow hot air from your attic and other unconditioned spaces into your home, making some rooms warmer than others.

How Do You Solve Uneven Cooling?

The good news is it’s possible to make your whole home feel comfortable. Here are some simple steps that you can take:

  1. Partially close some ground floor vents to redirect more air to your second floor.
  2. Clean or replace your HVAC filters regularly. Dirty filters will restrict air from flowing freely throughout your house.
  3. Increase the insulation in your attic to block heat flow into the second floor and prevent cool indoor air from escaping.
  4. Change your thermostat’s fan setting from “auto” to “on” to keep your HVAC system’s fan running continuously. This will help even out the temperatures between the floors.
  5. Have an HVAC professional inspect your ductwork for air leaks.
  6. Add a zoned system to directly adjust the temperature in individual floors easily.

If all the steps above fail, it may be time to replace your A/C. A modern high-efficiency unit that’s appropriately sized for your home and installed correctly will easily meet your home’s comfort demands. If you need help with fixing uneven cooling in your San Antonio home, contact the experts at Beyer Boys. Our certified technicians have more than 40 years of collective experience in A/C installation and repair as well as duct inspection.

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