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Form Follows Function: Incorporate HVAC Into Your Interior Design

Your HVAC system is just that — a system, with parts scattered all over your home, some seen, some unseen. The parts that you can see are, alas, not that attractive, and for some homeowners, are downright jarring to the eyes. There’s a worry they don’t fit in with the design scheme, or are just plain unattractive.

So what can you do to incorporate HVAC elements in interior design? More things than you probably realize, so read on.

Hide the Thermostat

The thermostat is probably something you don’t even notice, but if it really bugs you, get creative and do something about it. You might go as far as building a little cabinet around it, with a door where you can access controls. Or, you might frame it, and just make it part of that gallery of artwork or photos you’ve been wanting to hang. Some newer thermostats are rather nice looking — made of sleek copper or steel, they may add something to the walls rather than detract from your artistic designs.

Hide that HVAC System

If your furnace/air conditioner are located on the main floor, rather than upstairs in the attic or downstairs in a basement, it’s probably sequestered in a nondescript cabinet. Why not do something with that cabinet? Paint the doors or install decorative doors for access. There’s no law that says you have to be practical just because there’s an HVAC inside.

Hide Those Vents

Vents, whether in wall, ceiling or floor, can be visually obtrusive, but you have to be careful how you hide them. Don’t cover them up with anything that will obstruct airflow. However, you might want to replace the grim and serviceable-looking grilles for something more decorative and attractive.

Ductless Mini Splits

Versatile ductless mini splits consist of an outdoor condenser and indoor air handler. You can opt for models with as many as four air handlers, and distribute them about the house. They can be mounted on floor, ceiling or walls and are compact and easy to conceal.

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