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Furnace Safety Tips for Families

Furnace Safety Tips for FamiliesWhile a furnace is an excellent way to keep warm and comfortable during the short San Antonio winter, it’s critical that you observe certain furnace safety precautions to prevent the system from posing a risk to your family.

Newer furnaces come with several safety devices, such as an air pressure switch and mercury flame sensor to turn off the gas supply when the pilot light burns too weakly or if the inducer blows little air respectively. If you have an older furnace, it may lack these built-in features. Take these steps to enhance furnace safety in the long run.

Replace your filter regularly

A dirty air filter can cause performance problems and turn your system into a fire hazard. Avoid such complications by changing or cleaning your filter every one to three months while in regular use.

Install carbon monoxide (CO) detectors

A carbon monoxide leak is one of the biggest risks that malfunctioning furnaces can introduce to your home. Stay on top of it by installing CO detectors. In the winter, test them every month to ensure they’re in working condition.

Keep combustibles away

Don’t store papers, old rags, sawdust, wood scraps, gasoline, paint thinners, and any other flammable items around or near your furnace. That helps minimize the risk of furnace fires.

Keep at least 80 percent of the furnace registers open

Closing off more than 20 percent of your home’s registers can result in high resistance, the unnecessary buildup of heat, and impaired furnace efficiency. Also, vacuum all the registers at least once each month to get rid of lint, pet hair, and dust.

Schedule a checkup

A yearly furnace inspection performed by a technician with NATE certification is essential to keeping your system operating safely and efficiently. During the inspection, the technician will check for potential hazards such as frayed wires and CO leaks.

Use these furnace safety tips to provide a warm and safe environment for your family throughout the winter. If you need furnace repair or maintenance in the San Antonio area, contact the NATE-certified professionals at Beyer Boys.

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