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Watch Out for These Potential Gas Leak Signs

Don't Make These Mistakes When Buying a New Air ConditionerGas leaks can be serious. Not only do they impact your utilities budget, but they can also endanger your health and well-being. You may think you can smell leaking gas, but that’s not always the case. Following are some gas leak signs to watch out for.

Gas Leak Signs

  1. Smell. Natural gas is odorless. Your utility mixes it with a chemical that puts off a smell like sulfur or rotten eggs so that you can smell it when it’s leaking in your home. If you smell it, leave your home immediately, taking family members and pets. Do not turn on any electrical switches. Call 911 or your gas utility’s emergency line.
  2. Hissing sound. Listen for unusual sounds such as whistling, hissing or roaring near an appliance powered by natural gas or a gas line. A hissing sound near your air conditioner could mean it has a refrigerant leak or a leaking valve, or the compressor may be going bad.
  3. Patch of dead plants. This can be a sign that gas lines under the ground are leaking.
  4. White mist or fog around your property. This could be a sign of leaking gas from a ruptured gas line.
  5. Water, debris or dirt being blown into the air.
  6. Explosion or fire near a pipeline.
  7. Orange or yellow flame from gas appliances.
  8. A pilot light that frequently blows out.
  9. Scorched-looking areas on the exteriors of appliances.
  10. Musty smell in the home, or excessive condensation.

When Scent Fails

Although scent is usually your most reliable sign when trying to detect a gas leak, you may not always be able to depend on your nose. For instance, in these situations, you may not be able to smell leaking gas:

  • Elderly or sick people may have a diminished sense of smell.
  • Odor fatigue, a temporary inability to smell an odor after prolonged exposure, can lead to inability to detect gas.
  • Users of tobacco, drugs and alcohol may not be able to smell gas.

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