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Your Guide to Smart HVAC Systems

Heating and air conditioning systems operate straightforwardly when it comes to mechanical function. They either heat the air to warm your home, or remove heat energy and moisture from the air to cool the home. However, much more is involved in the process, which is where a smart HVAC system comes into play.

Without “smart” controls over air conditioning, distribution, and circulation, your heating or cooling system will operate inefficiently, wasting energy and money. An inefficient system also will work harder than necessary to make your home comfortable, stressing parts and reducing the equipment’s service life.

What is a Smart HVAC System?

In this context, “smart” means automated controls and/or variable technology that regulate fan speed, use adaptive temperature controls, and modulate combustion in a furnace and compressor operation in an A/C or heat pump. A smart programmable thermostat will allow you to program temperatures to match your schedule and lifestyle. Many come with Wi-Fi capability, so you can manage your home’s HVAC system from a remote location with a smartphone or laptop.

A smart HVAC system will use variable-speed blower motor operation, so air is delivered continuously at a slower rate. Traditionally, furnaces and A/Cs operate at only one speed, 100 percent, operating for a short period of time, then kicking off. This so-called short-cycling wastes energy, stresses HVAC equipment, provides ineffective air circulation, and doesn’t do a good job of humidity control or air filtration.

Some smart HVAC systems incorporate zoning into your home’s heating and cooling. Your home is divided into separate areas or zones with similar climate conditions (often one zone per floor), and those areas enjoy independent temperature control. Hard-to-condition parts of your home become comfortable: Your finished basement can stay warm in the winter, and upstairs or loft bedrooms will stay comfortably cool in the summer.

Your smart heating or cooling system may also incorporate humidity control, keeping the air from getting too dry in the winter and too moist in the summer.

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