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Happy High-Tech Month: HVAC Products to Own

Happy High-Tech Month: HVAC Products to OwnThere’s always a lot to look forward to when the new year arrives. This coming year,for instance, we’ve got the month of January to celebrate as High-Tech Month. So let’s talk a bit about high tech in regards to the HVAC industry. There are several HVAC-related gizmos on the market that can make a big difference to your home’s efficiency and comfort. Maybe this January you’ll take the plunge and try them out.

High-Tech HVAC Products to Add to Your Home

  1. Air purifier.

This can be a confusing term — an air purifier or air cleaner actually encompasses a rather wide range of products, designed to control different types of airborne pollutants, including mold, dust, viruses, bacteria, pet dander and pollen. If you are looking to improve your indoor air quality, talk to an HVAC pro to determine which type is best for your home and for handling the pollutants you are concerned about, be it UV lighting for mold, a charcoal-activated air cleaner for smoke and fumes, or a reusable air cleaning filtration system for other pollutants. You will also need to choose between portable and whole-home models, the latter of which are installed in the HVAC system.

  1. Smart thermostat.

If you’ve invested in a super-efficient HVAC system, you may want to upgrade your thermostat as well. So-called smart or Wi-fi thermostats can control the temperature — and more — from near or far. You can also select a model that monitors and controls humidity in the home, that sends you weather alerts so you’ll be up on changing conditions, and one that senses when you’re approaching home so it can adjust the temperature to a more comfortable level.

  1. Indoor air quality monitor.

Concerned about your indoor air quality? Maybe it’s time to invest in a monitor. These more advanced gadgets are no longer just for monitoring carbon monoxide (you should already have CO monitors anyway), but also for volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which can make you sick, and carbon dioxide, pollen, dust, mold and radon.

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