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Best Ways of Heating Old Homes

Living in an older home can be a fantastic experience, providing you and your family with a unique experience that often provides insight into the past. The drawback is that heating old homes can sometimes be tricky, as they weren’t designed with modern conveniences in mind.

Here are a few of the best ways for you to heat your old home so you won’t suffer through any more freezing winters:

Modern Fireplace

If your home is equipped with an old fireplace, you have plenty of upgrade options that will help improve its energy efficiency. For example, you can switch to one that uses natural gas to save energy and money. You can also utilize electric heat inserts that feature faux flames or gas-fired inserts that allow usage even during a power outage.

Mini-Duct, Forced-Air System

Although this particular setup is typically known for providing air conditioning, it can also be used for heating your home with the use of an electric furnace. This solution can be perfect for old homes because it can be accomplished with minimal impact to the home’s walls and framing, allowing you to keep its design intact.

Radiant Floor Heating

If you’ve never been in a home that utilizes radiant floor heating, you should feel a bit shortchanged. This heating setup is installed beneath your flooring, allowing you to heat your home while enjoying warm floors that you can walk barefoot on. Installation should be performed by a certified HVAC technician.

Traditional, Forced-Air System

If you’re open to a full upgrade, you may want to go all in and install a forced-air system, which is what most modern houses currently use. The problem is that this can be a big undertaking that is likely to force you to sacrifice closet space. And it might look a bit intrusive.

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