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Ways to Manage Home Heating Load 

If you’re around an HVAC technician for any length of time, you’ll likely hear the phrase “heating load.” This is a calculation of precisely how much heat is needed to make your home comfortable. “Cooling load” is the same thing for air conditioning. For proper sizing of a central HVAC system, a trained technician will calculate the home’s heating or cooling load to make sure the new system is the right size for your particular home.

An oversized or under-sized heating or cooling system will result in wasted energy and poor performance.The good news is that a savvy homeowner can take steps to lower the heating/cooling load to allow for a smaller, less-expensive new system. Even if you’re not upgrading your home’s furnace or A/C, however, lowering the heating load is a good idea. It will result in lower energy bills, a more comfortable home, and reduced stress on equipment.

Take these steps to reduce the heating load in your San Antonio area home:

Determine where air is leaking out of your home’s outer envelope (or infiltrating into the home, which can be just as bad). Once you know where air is leaking, use weatherstripping, caulk or spray foam (depending on the leak’s location and size) to seal cracks and other openings.

Upgrade insulation in your home to slow the transfer of heat energy between the inside and outside. An airtight home with optimum insulation will reduce the workload on both the heating and cooling system.

While a homeowner can find some of the air leakage or missing insulation, the best route is to pay for a professional energy audit. It will determine exactly where air is leaking and insulation is lacking. A comprehensive energy audit also should include a duct inspection, since leaky, dirty or defective ducts also will increase the home heating load.

Nearly any step taken to reduce the home heating load will have the effect of reducing the cooling load, too, with similar benefits.

To discuss how to reduce your San Antonio area home’s home heating load, please contact us at Beyer Boys.

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