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How to Keep Your Home Efficient with These Maintenance Tips

How to Keep Your Home Efficient with These Maintenance Tips
Seasonal home maintenance goes hand-in-hand with HVAC system maintenance to keep your residential spaces comfortable and energy efficient. Here are several ways to improve the efficiency and comfort of your home this year.

  • Seal air leaks: Find and seal air leaks in the structure of your home to prevent the loss of conditioned air, energy, and money. If necessary, ask your HVAC services provider about an energy audit that can locate areas of air leaks and energy loss. Seal leaks that you find with caulking or other appropriate air-blocking material. Be particularly aware of the potential for leaks around door and window frames, around areas where pipes or wires enter through the wall, or where the house frame meets the foundation.
  • Increase insulation: Add more insulation to walls, ceilings, floors, and foundations. In most cases, standard blanket insulation will work best between beams and joists. For areas that are hard to reach or that have an irregular shape, foam or loose-fill insulation could be the best choice.
  • Change ceiling fan direction: If you have ceiling fans in your home, change the direction of the fan’s rotation so that airflow is directed upward. This will help disperse any warm air that has gathered near the ceiling.
  • Put in storm windows and doors: Take out window and door screens and replace them with storm windows. This will help prevent drafts and air leaks and will keep more conditioned air inside your home.
  • Fix the roof: Give the roof a careful check for damage, holes, missing or loose shingles, or other problems. If you discover any problems, get them fixed immediately. Damage to your roof can allow energy and conditioned air to escape. Any holes or openings in the roof can also let rainwater leak into your home’s interior.

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